Irotronics Inc. is a high-tech electronic circuit board repair company based in Scarborough, Ontario serving clients in USA and Canada. We have been in the business of circuit repair for over two decades. We provide a wide number of electronic services and are specialized in industrial and medical systems.

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We are specialized in repair of Mitsubishi MSD-20 and Mitsubishi MSD-40 sheet detectors. You can find out more at wogglebug.com.



Our guaranteed: Value, Quality, Speed and Customer Satisfaction!
Your first free estimate will prove our competitive prices and once you decide to send us your equipment for repair, the excellent work of our experts will prove Irotronics Incorporated’s guarantee of quality, speed and customer satisfaction…

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, need more information or simply require our catalogue and information.

Contact Us

Irotronics Incorporated
3838 Midland Ave. #112
Scarborough, ON CANADA
M1V 5K5

  • Phone: 416-297-9400
  • Fax: 416-494-3978
  • This website: http://www.irotronics.com
  • E-mail:
    • Repair: repair@irotronics.com
    • General Information: info@irotronics.com
    • Sales: sales@irotronics.com
    • Webmaster: webmaster@irotronics.com


Atmel AVR ICE 200 In-Circuit Emulator Starter Kit

Price: $1100 The AVR® ICE 200 In-Circuit Emulator is the perfect choice! A real-time in-circuit emulator based on a highly integrated AVR emulator chip. The ICE 200 speeds up the co-development of software and hardware for the world’s fastest growing microcontroller family, the AVR 8-bit RISC. The ICE 200 emulator interfaces with AVR Studio®, Atmel’s …