Repair Services

Electronic Repair, Rework and Service

In general we repair a wide variety of printed circuit boards and other electronic equipment. We are specialized in industrial and medical electronics. Here is a sample of what we usually repair.

  • Printed Circuit Boards

Industrial Electronic equipment

    • Industrial Automation Controls & other equipment
    • Servo/Motor Drivers
    • Food Production equipment
    • Packaging equipment
    • Printing equipment
    • Robotic equipment
    • AC/AC, AC/DC, DC/AC Drives
    • PLCs
    • Controllers, ECG/ECK, Spindle and Temperature equipment
    • As well as other industrial and manufacturing electronics…

Medical Electronic equipment

    • Dental equipment
    • MRI/CT equipment
    • Medical imaging equipment
    • Ultra-sound equipment
    • XRay equipment
    • Other medical equipment…
  • Communication Devices
  • Other Electronic equipment
    • Power Supplies
    • Touch Screen Monitors
    • Water and Surge Damaged equipment
    • Simply contact us for any equipment not listed here.
  • Brands we usually repair

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Buy-back, Sales & Refurbish

We buy back damaged equipment, refurbish up to equivalent of factory standards for new equipment and sell refurbished medical and industrial electronic equipment. Please contact us for more information.

Other Services

  • Design & Modification
    • Analog & Digital
  • High Quality Soldering
  • Please contact us for other electronic services.